I was at a meeting last night – a local social group that I go to – and as usual the subject turned to health matters … hey, we’re all getting to that age after all.

Jess, my friend has been to see a Reiki specialist for her sore back and says that she thinks it might be helping. They all know about my shoulder pain so there was a huge blast of helpfully intended advice about the kind of treatment that will help me.

Acupuncture …. reiki for shoulder pains … reflexology … rolfing to the shoulder muscles (hadn’t heard of that before) …. herbal medicine … homeopathic pain relief … and on … and on ….

Now I’ve always had an open mind about alternative therapy but there’s such a big choice. I’ve read that acupuncture often works so might be prepared to devote time to that. Searching online suggests that the Bowen Therapy for shoulder pain is effective – don’t know how to find a Bowen Therapist. But what about all the others.

Have any of you reading this had experience of alternative treatment options – either for shoulder pain or just for joint pain in general?

Leave a comment and let me know. We can build up a little resource for others to tap into.


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