I read an article recently about Traumeel.

Traumeel is said to be a natural anti-inflammatory treatment. It’s a mixture of homeopathic and herbal stuff and can be used as a cream or as capsules.

I’d heard of it several times but also saw that it was mentioned in Doc Cameron’s Shoulder Pain Survival Kit. He suggested taking traumeel for frozen shoulder in the early stages of the problem.

Well, I’m always doubtful about this kind of thing but decided to give it a go and see what happened. I took Traumeel capsules every day for about two weeks and to be fair, I did see a difference in the level of pain I was having. I also slept better than before. After that my doctor gave me a prescription for some “normal anti-inflammatory” medication so I decided not to take the Traumeel too just in case they reacted with each other. I’ve heard about herbal meds and normal meds not going well together.

Anyways – thought I would post this just to share my experiences.

Traumeel might be worth a try for you too if you’re having pain and stiffness in your shoulder