More from my google news browsing.

Amongst a whole pile of news releases about joint pain, arthritis and even a low blood pressure cure I found a press release from a chiropractic clinic in Dallas Texas where a doctor there has a theory that frozen shoulder is a nerve related condition and is not really due to the joint or bones afterall.

It says that research and patient outcome studies performed and published by Dr. Francis X. Murphy over the past 18 months clearly indicate that Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is a neurological condition rather than an orthopedic condition.

Dr Murphy has designed a new treatment called the MQR protocol = Murphy Quick Release for Frozen Shoulder. He’s claiming great success rates.

That’s some more homework for me to get my teeth into then !

Dr Murphy plans to train others how to do the techniques but for the moment you’ll need to travel to him in Dallas if you want to try it.

Let me know how you get on with it if you do go see him