More thoughts about sleeping poorly with frozen shoulder pain.

Here’s what I’ve tried to get a better sleep despite my painful shoulder:

  • lying on the good side and cuddling into a cushion or pillow – helps a bit provided I can get the arm position worked out. Still wake up several times a night but better than nothing
  • pillow behind back to prevent rolling onto painful side – OK in the early part of the night but pillow seems to move eventually and I still end up back lying on the sore side and waking up with shoulder pain spreading down my arm
  • using my heated wheat filled bag around my shoulder before I go to sleep seems to help me get into a decent sleep quite quickly but effect seems to wear off after two or three hours
  • painkillers at bed time helped a lot but the ones I took had codeine in them and left me feeling a bit groggy … and a lot constipated in the morning !

Do  you have any other tips or tricks?