I don’t know about you but I found it hard to find help with my frozen shoulder when it first started.

My family doctor didn’t seem to know all that much about it … and in truth, I’m not sure he was certain that frozen shoulder was actually what was wrong with me.

I saw a physical therapist who also was a bit unsure and eventually met with a shoulder surgeon who confirmed that was what was wrong but then sent me back to the physical therapist for treatment. Not much help and not much info = not much support for me really 🙁

After a lot of searching I found useful info from a doctor in Scotland who provides what he calls a Shoulder Pain Survival Kit. It’s detailed information really – written in a simple way – and full of helpful tips for pain relief. You know the kind of thing – stuff you can do yourself at home that doesn’t involve medication. It was really cheap but packed with useful information. I’ve put a link at the side of the page if you want to look for yourself.  He also plans to run online web seminars soon so I think I might join in with one of those too.

I also found some frozen shoulder forums where other sufferers share ideas but they don’t seem to be used all that often.

Lastly, the page on wikipedia about frozen shoulder is good but a bit too technical for me in places.

Have you found any good resources?

Leave a comment and let me know so that other’s can benefit too.